About Us

The above picture showcases models wearing chic, fashionable clothing. 
We, at Indophilia, however view these clothes as a tool for self expression defining our core values. 
Indophilia is a part of Wintage Garments Pvt. Ltd.
Indo Philia : Indo Philia stands for " a love for India ". Indian textiles - from mill made cottons to handloom Ikat to Blockprint, are the best in the world. Whereas China dominates the world in "plastic" fabrics, India is the largest producer of cottons. We aim to make only the finest skin-friendly clothing using fabrics that are Indian.
Sustainability : No more a fancy buzzword, sustainability is the need of the hour. It pains us to see brands of all price points using artificial fabrics, which are the worst fabrics for the environment. Therefore, we only use natural fabrics like cotton and linen to make our clothes. These are airy fabrics that are strong, durable and feels like second skin.
Tailor-Centric : We manufacture in-house in Noida. We're able to pay our tailors 1.5-2.5x the minimum wage mandated by the UP govt for skilled labour, while keeping our prices pretense-free, thanks to being a M2C brand ( manufacturer to consumer ).
Affordable Luxury : What is luxury. A high price point which can be afforded by only the top 0.5% ? We refuse to believe in this definition. We firmly believe luxury is quality - the union of fine fabrics and expert stitching. Luxury is how the product feels on skin. It MUST be democratised and made affordable.